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Music Ordering

Music Ordering​ - Spring 2023 Season

To order your music or order from call JW Pepper at 1-800-345-6296 or online.



Basses & Tenors:

*Please note that there are two separate lists this season depending on your vocal part. This is because we will have two pieces for the basses and tenors ONLY and one piece for the ladies ONLY. Please makes sure you are only ordering the pieces you need. 

**Some of you may already have American Trilogy as it was intended for an earlier season so you may not need to order it again.

*** The above links will give you all the ability to order all the music for the season except for the Cantabile pieces which can be downloaded from the links below.

Every One (Tutti)

Basses & Tenors

  • 3281565        Come Travel With Me

  • 1779651        If I Have My Ticket

Altos & Sopranos

Cantabile Music

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